Strategic communications

that deliver instant impact

Powering your business goals with integrated communications

DUNE Communications helps clients tackle their biggest communication and reputation challenges, delivering more positive outcomes and driving value.


In today’s business environment, a focus on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues can provide strategic differentiation. DUNE provides specialist consulting and communication services to help companies plan and execute ESG strategies


Our core communications services include:

 •  Purpose, positioning + narrative
 •  ESG consulting, engagement + reporting
 •  Leadership counsel
 •  Employee engagement
 •  Media relations

First things first

Purpose - Positioning - Narrative

In an ultra-competitive, global marketplace, what you stand for and how you position your company has never been more crucial. Our senior team is very experienced in helping define and express corporate purpose for some of the world’s most important companies.

On the back of a compelling purpose, clear, consistent, credible messaging is everything. Well-crafted and directed messaging plays a key role in setting up the business and its leaders for success.

Before working with an organisation's leadership to develop messaging, we undertake an in-depth analysis and review of plans, programs, and procedures. We produce responses that compellingly and accurately communicate and amplify the business proposition to all stakeholder groups.

Success starts from within

ESG Consulting and Communications

DUNE Communications helps clients around the Middle East harness the power of ESG to transform business, foster goodwill and influence perceptions.

No matter who your stakeholders are. We will help you design and deploy the right ESG strategy and programmes that enhance trust, mitigate risks and create a sustainable ESG positioning.

Our professionals will support your teams at every step of your ESG adoption, development and transformation journey, contributing unrivalled knowledge of the international and regional ESG landscape.

Our ESG team comprises transformation, reporting and communications specialists who will help you:

 •  Assess your current practices and policies and formulate an effective strategy

 •  Embed ESG into your operations and narratives, ensuring and exceeding compliance

 •  Design and deliver your ESG story for maximum impact across the board

 •  Undertake the ESG reporting function whereby we handle reporting to regulators, investors and other

     audiences on your progress on the environment, social and governance fronts

 •  Train executives on the latest trends, opportunities and risks in the ESG landscape

Positioning leadership

Leadership Counsel

An organisation’s reputation is embodied by its leaders. We work with senior management, across all disciplines, to help convey their expert leadership to all audiences.

We craft messaging to equip leaders in all situations. We then train them on how to deliver those messages in the most effective and compelling way, whether with the media or in meetings and presentations.

Our skilled trainers have delivered bespoke training sessions for hundreds of organisations across sectors and geographies. We also create and deliver programmes for individual leaders to position them positively with media, investors, regulators and business partners.

Success starts from within

Employee Engagement

Change is hard and sometimes uncomfortable for people working inside an organisation. DUNE works with C-Suite leaders to ensure that the need for change - and desired shifts in behaviours and action - are fully understood across the business.

Successful business transformation can only be achieved with the support of the workforce. We’re here to ensure that happens. Our services include:

 •  Research + Listening: Understanding your employees through surveys and focus groups

 •  Strategy: based on our insights, ensuring communications will land positively with your internal audiences

 •  Activation: delivering comprehensive communications plans to deliver business messaging across the


Engaging thought leaders

Media Relations

Successfully creating and maintaining positive relationships with local, regional and international media is a cornerstone of what we do. By deploying the right media strategy, we ensure that you gain supportive press coverage to drive value and credibility.

Our team of experienced media experts and seasoned journalists offer the following suite of services:

 •  Media management strategies and plans, including crisis management

 •  Developing media briefings, press releases and thought-leadership material

 •  Media engagement training for internal teams

 •  Managing press events and media trips.