A robust communication strategy powers your business goals

DUNE Communications helps you handle the toughest communications and reputation challenges

by crafting effective strategies that deliver best outcomes.

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Expertly-crafted investor communications are worth their weight in gold

We bring together our clients and advisers to formulate and deliver impactful investor communications programmes.

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ESG Consulting to deliver on strategic mandates

We help clients harness the power of ESG to transform business, foster goodwill and influence perceptions.

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We express your ambition

Our Services

Communications Strategy + ESG
Financial + Investor Relations
DUNE Communications
Financial Communications + Investor Relations
DUNE Communications
DUNE Communications
Content +
Digital Production
One-off Projects
One-off Projects
Think big, act responsibly

Strategy & ESG

DUNE Communications
Purpose - Positioning
+ Narrative
ESG Consulting
Financial + Investor Relations
Effective market support

Financial & Investor Relations

Financial calendar & regulatory reporting

We function as an extension to in-house financial communications and IR teams in planning and producing communications around all corporate milestones.

We provide hands-on support in drafting documentation, preparing management rehearsals, and taking charge of media and investor outreach:

- Company results and updates
- Management changes
- Regulatory filings
- Strategy and presentations

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Financial Collateral

Our specialist writers work with clients to produce the full range of financial documentation including:

- Annual report production
- Prospectus writing
- Microsite creation

We can produce in multiple languages as a result of our expertise in multi-lingual writing and translation.

While the information needs to be clear, accurate and concise, we pride ourselves on injecting documents with 'sizzle' to engage your audiences.

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Corporate Transactions

We provide expert, specialist, multi-lingual communications services that ensure maximum success for a wide variety of corporate activity including:

- Capital increases and rights issues
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Investment fund disclosures and announcements
- Divestments and investments

The success of the communication around a transaction very often sets up the long term strategic success of the transaction itself. We are focused on delivering maximum impact for the short and long term.

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Investor Engagement

In financial dealings that require a high level of personal trust and rapport, direct interaction with investors is essential.

We work with clients to plan and execute direct investor engagements in multiple formats including:

- Investor calls, webcasts and online meetings
- Events and showcases
- Investor days
- Site visits

Each engagement is tightly planned and created to emphasise the overall purpose, character and positioning of the client.

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Intensive coaching

One-off Projects

ESG Strategy
Communications Benchmarking
Communications Benchmarking
Communications Benchmarking
Media Training
Media Training
Media Training
Communication Safari
Communication Safari
Communication Safari
Communication Safari
Harness the omnichannel

Digital + Content + Production

Social Media

We have a long track record in advising on social media strategy and producing engaging content across platforms - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.
For both corporate and individual executive social media channels, DUNE offers:

- Monitoring, listening and evaluation
- Content strategy and planning
- Audience targeting (organic and paid)
- Community building + engagement

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Content production

Our extensive network of content producers globally enables us to produce compelling narrative content in any format and language.
Specifically, we work with clients to produce:

- Video: From short clips to full-length documentaries.
- Audio: From one-off pieces to podcast series.
- Written: From tweets to long-read feature articles for company blogs.

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Web design + build

We devise and deliver digital build projects of many kinds for clients.

Whether it’s a financial communications microsite or a new corporate website, we have the specialist team to plan and implement world-class digital solutions.

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Event Staging

DUNE has access to specialist events teams across the world, providing the capability to stage all live events - from intimate corporate dinners to large conferences.

Using cutting-edge technology, we make events impactful and impressive.

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Our Leadership

Dominic Shales
Co-founder and Managing Director
Ahmed Lotfy
Co-founder and Managing Director
How we work

Our Business Process

Planning excellence

We use a simple but comprehensive four-step methodology to create the best possible communications strategy and plan every time:

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In this initial phase, we research the big picture to analyse how geopolitics, the macroeconomy and societal and sectoral issues affect your business.


From our analysis, we formulate a strategic position, which we stress test with our clients and stakeholders.


Once the strategy is agreed, we move to implementation planning. We produce detailed plans for activation and measurement.


We evaluate our success, considering what could have been done even better. We then feed our conclusions back into a new planning cycle, creating continuous improvement.

About us

Transformation Communications

DUNE is a strategic communications consultancy that supports private and public sector clients in their transformation journey. We help companies in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC derive maximum value from moments of change:

-  Offer Change: Communication of your changing strategy, services and products to all corporate audiences

-  Structure Change: Ensuring the best communication impact for corporate events and transactions

-  World Change: Propelling your transition to the new world of responsible business

We bring your ambitions to life through a wide array of core, industry-specific advisory Services including:

We also offer professional support for leadership teams on a one-off project basis that include:

-  ESG Strategy Development

-  Communications Benchmarking

-  Media Training

-  Communication Safaris

Led by highly experienced media and communications professionals Ahmed Lotfy and Dominic Shales, our team is multi-talented and multi-cultural. With a large team of consultants based in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey and Egypt as well as the UK and the USA, we create bespoke teams of experts, drawing on the right people for the task.

Inspired by the desert

DUNE - What is in a Name?

Our name - DUNE Communications - is inspired by the beauty and majesty of the Middle East’s golden sand dunes, an emblem of the region’s culture and character. Dunes stretch wide and stand tall as natural symbols of power, resilience and continuous development.

Our value proposition draws on these qualities, seeking to deliver communication strategies and activations that sustain our clients' business success over the long term, however the sands shift.